Richard Battersby | About
Photography has been a passion of mine for many years but it's only recently that I've thought seriously about sharing my work with a wider audience. Moving into the global 'Coliseum' of photography has been a big step for me but one that has done me many favours and it is something of personal achievement.

Being of scientific background, photography, together with a small amount of travel writing, is my main creative outflow and is therefore very important to me. Being a photographer changes the way one sees events, people and objects. Even if I don't have my camera with me, without knowing it, my brain analyses every scene that my eyes will allow it to, judging almost autonomously what about the image presented to my brain would make a good photograph. For me, this has been mostly a learnt skill and one that I continue to hone.

Presented in this website are some shots deemed worthy of my portfolio. These were mostly taken during my travels around the world and represent some of my most cherished and valuable experiences.

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